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About Bexar Branches Alliance

Bexar Branches Alliance: Growing a Greener San Antonio

Our Story:

Bexar Branches Alliance sprouted from a common vision in 2021: improve the urban ecology of the San Antonio Region. We brought together passionate arborists, climate activists, and community developers – a powerful mix of expertise! Our goal? Unite public and private organizations to create a thriving urban forest.

Why We’re Here:

San Antonio’s booming growth between 2000 and 2020 came at a cost. Rapid development meant thousands of trees vanished from the Hill Country landscape. This not only hurts our environment, but also creates unfairness – tree cover is much lower in economically disadvantaged areas.

A Texas A&M study sounded the alarm: we need 80,000 more trees in San Antonio to combat the urban heat island effect and ensure everyone benefits from a healthy tree canopy.

How We Make a Difference:

Bexar Branches Alliance acts as a bridge between organizations, fostering collaboration and ensuring that critical urban tree initiatives get done. Together, we’re planting a greener future for San Antonio, one tree at a time!

Branch Out with Bexar Branches

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