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Tree Trail Trek Series

Tree Trail Trek Series

Explore SA Parks with Expert Guides!

Love San Antonio parks? Tree Treks take you deeper! Free guided walks with a tree expert reveal hidden stories and the surprising role trees play in our city. Explore, learn, connect with nature – all on one fun walk!

Tree Trail Trek Series

These guided walks are led by a certified tree expert (arborist) and special guests. They’ll show you cool stuff about the park’s:

  • Plants and their history: How people have used these trees for centuries.
  • Cool stories from the past: Discover hidden gems of San Antonio history in the park.
  • Culture connection: See how trees hold meaning for different people in our city.
  • Why trees matter: Learn how trees help our environment (like clean air!).

Tree Treks are more than just a walk!

  • Ask questions: Get info from the tree expert and special guests.
  • Enjoy nature: Relax and soak up the beauty of San Antonio’s parks.
  • Become a tree friend: Learn how to take care of these amazing trees.

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