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Help San Antonio Thrive! Donate to Bexar Branches Alliance

San Antonio’s trees need you! Bexar Branches Alliance plants trees, cares for existing ones, and educates future generations about the importance of a healthy urban forest. With your donation, you can be a part of making our city healthier and more vibrant for everyone.

Your Donation Makes a Difference

Here’s how your contribution can directly impact San Antonio:

  • More Trees, Cooler City: We plant native trees that provide shade, reducing heat and improving air quality.
  • Helping Communities Grow: We provide tree care services in neighborhoods with fewer trees, ensuring everyone benefits from a healthy urban forest.
  • Inspiring Future Stewards: We offer educational programs for young minds, fostering the next generation of environmental leaders.
    Every dollar counts!

Donate today and be a champion for San Antonio’s trees!

Make A Donation

Our mission is to plant trees and manage the existing canopy to help build an ecologically resilient future for the communities we serve.

We will carry out our mission through three initiatives:

  1. Native Tree planting projects throughout the region.
  2. Providing Tree maintenance assistance programs serving socially vulnerable and low canopy communities.
  3. Programming and outreach to provide holistic ecology-based education, research, and hands-on experiences with trees.

Branch Out with Bexar Branches

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