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Help Our Tree Canopy Thrive

Bexar Branches Alliance is a San Antonio-based non-profit with a mission to cultivate a greener future for our city. We’re dedicated to expanding and preserving the urban tree canopy, bringing vital environmental and community benefits to the Greater San Antonio Region.

There are many ways you can join us in making a difference!


Join us in planting a greener future for San Antonio!

Attend Tree Planting Events
Volunteer at community tree planting events across the Greater San Antonio Region.

Become a Tree Steward
Learn tree care practices and educate your neighbors on the importance of urban forestry.

Become a Tree Advocate
Spread awareness about the benefits of trees and our mission to expand San Antonio’s tree canopy.


Support our mission financially to help us grow and maintain our urban forest.

Make a Donation
Your contributions directly fund tree planting and canopy maintenance efforts.

Sponsor an Event
Increase your company’s visibility while supporting our community-focused events.

Sponsor a Program
Partner with us to sponsor specific programs aimed at enhancing our urban tree canopy.

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Learn More:

Explore our website to discover more about our programs and how you can contribute to a greener San Antonio.

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